Ideas to Have a Safe Thanksgiving during Covid-19

Are you waiting to organize a grand dinner for Thanksgiving? Be aware this year.  

Usually, Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family gather around a table to take a memorable joy of a traditional dinner giving thanks. People enjoy several gossips and laugh together while having fancy meals with each other. However, the ongoing circumstances say that all like before Thanksgiving is not going to be the same this year. Covid-19 is still on the full-on rise with high community spread across the nation. 

Keeping all situations aside, we understand your love for all preparations for Thanksgiving and a long wait. Hence, we are putting some useful ideas to have a safe Thanksgiving during Covid-19, just for you. Read this information element to have a safe celebration for you, your family, and society.

Top 5 Ideas to Have a Safe Thanksgiving during Covid-19

Change Your Dining Plan

Since Thanksgiving is all about a traditional dinner, our first and the top-most among all the Thanksgiving Ideas say to have a virtual dinner party. Connect with your faraway friends and family members online and have meals during video calls on Skype, Facetime, etc. 

If this Thanksgiving Idea does not suit you, you can opt for our next idea of the dining plan change. The suggestion is to organize a dinner with your housemates only. We know that you may find it funny because you usually have dinner together, and nothing will be unique, so 'Make It Special.' Change the decorations or prepare a theme with a dinner party. Moreover, you can go out for dinner with your housemates only if something different you want.

Don’t Organize Indoor Dinner

If any which ways you are unable to persuade your heart and strongly wish to organize a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family, prefer inviting them outdoor. Arranging a dinner in the home or indoors is one of the worst Thanksgiving Ideas. In the case of Covid-19, we suggest that outdoor activities are far safer than indoors where you are under a roof with 4 walls around. Moreover, If you opt for an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner, you can maintain good social distancing by placing the tables and chairs at a distance.

Say ‘No’ to Large Gatherings

Remember one thing before you plan for Thanksgiving. The bigger will be the crowd, the higher the risk would be. Ensure not to allow the gathering exceeding 10-12 people. However, it does not mean to go smoothly without taking precautions if the group is small. Anyone can be infected without your knowledge and can spread the disease. Hence, be strict on your safety terms. Wear masks, keep sanitizers along, and sit at a distance.

Follow Basic Safety Precautions

Wherever you attend a Thanksgiving party or dinner, do always make sure not to be reckless with precautions. Follow strict safety measures. Don't skip on your masks; use sanitizer regularly or wash hands frequently. Also, try wearing protective gloves. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and ears. These safety essentials help reduce the risk of infection.

Quarantine Yourself 14 Days Before Thanksgiving

Be prepared before the Thanksgiving dinner or party date with 14 days of self-quarantine. This is one of the best Thanksgiving Ideas. If all attendants quarantine themselves before this date, they will be sure in the gathering that they are not infected, nor any other person is going to spread the disease. However, if you develop even any minor symptoms, don't attend the fest. Keep yourself and others safe.

Avoid Direct Contact

Preserve yourself from coming in direct contact with people at Thanksgiving gathering. Usually, people hug each other happily during celebrations or shake hands too. However, stay away from all these amicable habits this year. Give yourself and others a gift of safe and healthy nurtures this Thanksgiving day.

In addition to this, prefer not to touch the more frequently accessed things by other guests present at party or dinner.

Don’t Choose from Buffet

Most of the families set a buffet for a smooth serving at Thanksgiving dinner. We all find it easy instead of taking all hectic in servicing from a guest to another. But, this pandemic year is not favorable for contacts in any way. Hence, avoid buffet dinners. 

Usually, people touch the same ladles and serve on plates, and then the tongs or ladles come into another person's contact. This process goes on and becomes a high risk of infection spread. At Thanksgiving, you have to make sure that you are not serving Covid-19 on your plate.

Sharing is Not Caring This Time

Whether you are close friends or relatives by blood or so, avoid sharing meals and drinks with each other at Thanksgiving. Stick the cravings to your plate only. Have your delicious food from your bowl or dish; do not even touch another person’s platter. Let others handle the appetite at their own risk. Moreover, avoid cheering your drink glasses with each other. This may also be risky. Someone’s soiled glass may increase the chance of infection.


In sum, going safe and carrying safety for others makes a perfect celebration for you and your community. Your parties and celebrations are more cheerful in taking safety along. You can enjoy your Thanksgiving this 2020 too, however, unlike the gone years, ways may differ. 

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Follow our best Ideas to have a safe Thanksgiving during Covid -19 and have a mesmerizing celebration.

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