Top 15 Fashion Stores Like Brandy Melville

Want to bring brands like Brandy Melville to your home? Then this can be your one-stop destination or a fashion spot. The reason behind choosing the brand “Brandy Melville” is its unstoppable way of introducing trendy and fashionable clothing and accessories. Moreover, Brandy Melville is specified by its effortless-carefree-California vibe that stands out this brand among other overseas European companies and brands. Brandy Melville is immensely popular with teens worldwide. You will find their price range amazingly affordable for everyone. 

But the downside is Brandy Melville is not size specific as most of the clothes are designed in a particular XS-S size. And this is the only reason that makes us prone to search for brands like Brandy Melville. Hence, we can get clothing and design as Brandy Melville but in a size that fits our body. Let’s begin investigating the top 15 fashion styles and brand stores that are high on fashion and serve affordability, such as Brandy Melville. 

1. Urban Outfitters

The first true replica of the Brandy Melville brand is the Urban Outfitters fashion brand. When it comes to appearance, Urban Outfitters owns a very similar look to the Brandy Melville fashion brand. Moreover, Urban Outfitters is filled with a wide variety of trendy outfits with a variety of 90s throwbacks and casual wear. The one thing that drags this brand is its slightly higher price range as compared to Brandy Melville’s.

2. Forever 21

Another one is every teenager or youngster's favorite, Forever 21, which makes you a true fashionista. If you never shop at Forever 21, then it is a fast-fashion company where you can get the latest trending outfits at reasonable prices. Its size-inclusive specification makes it overshadow the Brandy Melville brand. Moreover, the plus + curve section, makeup, men’s line, little girl’s line, and hair care line outshine Forever 21 brand among other popular ones. 

3. Boohoo

Another one is the brand Boohoo, which a UK-based company represents. And this profit-making company carries tons of affordable and trendy & fashionable outfits. Moreover, Boohoo is a global brand that sells its clothing lines all over the world. When it comes to flexibility in sizes, you can easily find your fit, whether petite, plus size, tall, or maternity size. 

4. Pacsun

Similarly, Brandy Melville, the brand Pacsun also has the same high on fashion, cool, elegant, and casual outfits for every look. Even the price range of Pacsun is also similar to the brand Brandy Melville, which is reasonable.  

5. Madewell

The brand “Madewell'' is incredibly famous for its comfortable and stylish range of jeans or denim. But the amazing thing about the brand “Madewell'' does not end here, as the best is yet to come. The official website of “Madewell'' carries an immense range of casual-cool fashion wear. Moreover, its fashion line is filled with stunning dresses, cozy slippers, heels, sneakers, and a lot more. It would help if you remembered its slightly higher prices compared to Brandy Melville’s. But at the same time, the quality of the products by “Madewell'’ is outstanding. 

6. Pretty Little Thing

The brand “Pretty Little Thing” can be a turning point for you if you are looking for trendy, affordable, and sexy fashion wear. And these three in one quality differentiate it from the rest of other brands and Brandy Melville. Moreover, unlike other brands, it has a nice collection of loungewear and night suits. Pretty Little Thing brand is also size inclusive as you can easily find different sizes here, such as plus size, tall, petite, and a lot more. 


The brand ASOS is for you if you like to pick and fill your wardrobe with only selective outfits. Basically, Asos is a UK-based company promising to offer the latest, trendy, and stylish outfits. Remember to shop at the ASOS shopping site if you are looking for different body-hugging shapes and sizes of clothing lines. Moreover, it diversified its brand into a wide variety of sizes such as tall, plus, petite, and the rare maternity size type. It is hard to find any drawbacks in ASOS if you see its quality. But the only thing that can bother you is its prices, which are slightly higher than Brandy Melville's.

8. Storets

Similarly to Brandy Melville, the clothing brand Stores also offers trendy and stylish fashion wear. You will find Storets approachable if you are a big fan of in-house designs and cutting-edge fashion wear labels. Another similarity you will find the same as Brandy Melville is its style and sizing. So if your best fit revolves around size “small or S/M,” then you must go and check it out. 

9. Shein

The fashion brand "Shein" doesn't need any introduction as it can be easily found in every female wardrobe. Shopping on Shein is one of my guilty pleasures. The fact about it is Shein has plenty of things that a girl can desire. And these are trendy clothing or fashion wear, accessories, and a lot more at very low prices. The best part is that Shein is very active regarding sales on its site. Moreover, women of every age can shop here and have a great experience. 

10.  Romwe

Primarily, the clothing brand “Romwe” is owned by the same company that owns the Shein brand. When it comes to clothing and fashion wear, you will find it similar to Shein. But the only specification that makes a difference is its activeness and driving nature towards the younger generation or teens. If you see the price range, they are even cheaper than the Brandy Melville brand. In a nutshell, Romwe is not for people who are looking for a standalone brand. 

11. Lulus

Another US-based online brand, Lulus, is known for launching and selling the latest and trendy women’s fashion wear. You don’t need to visit other online fashion stores, as Lulus has everything a woman needs. Such as a wide range of branded shoes, boots, undergarments, accessories, swimwear, loungewear, etc. It might be possible you may remember the brand Brandy Melville after viewing its clothing line. Moreover, you will find it a little disappointing if you see its higher prices. 

12. American Eagle

American Eagle can be your one-stop destination if you are searching for classic and casual-style brands. American Eagle owns similar designs to the Brandy Melville brand if you see its classic and casual attires. It may make you feel regretful if your wardrobe has everything but no AE jeans. The fact behind this is “American Eagle” has massive popularity among every age group due to its best jeans, denim, and jean shorts. The best part about the American Eagle brand is its product quality, which can last over a decade. 

13. NastyGal

Now, it's time to become a bit nasty by wearing the fashion worn by the brand NastyGal. If you don’t know, NastyGal is a Los Angeles-based fashion retailer brand that features hip and affordability in fashionwear. Skipping NastyGal can be a mistake as it carries the best range of outfits for romantic dates, festivals, events, or occasions on its site. From the affordability perspective, you will find NastyGal more attractive than anything as it runs an evergreen sale. And that particular thing separates it from the rest of the others and the Brandy Melville brand. Moreover, it will not disappoint you if you are looking for oversize clothing as it has plenty of plus-size selection.

14. H&M

After being a big fan of the Brandy Melville clothing line, you will definitely appreciate the H&M fashion wear. The reason is it has an immense range of options in its clothing line and fashion wear. And these are trendy, classic, party wear, swimwear, sleepwear, and everything we women want in our wardrobes. Moreover, you will find similarities in the price range of the H&M and Brandy Melville brand. The only thing that stands out among other brands is the diversity and flexibility that carries clothes for men, children, and women. Plus, the home decor section makes your home even more beautiful at an affordable price range.

15. Lucky Brand

The last and the fifteen fashion brands are the Lucky Brand, which is popular as a trendy California jeans company. And also known for making super cute dresses, blouses, and other desirable outfits. Moreover, this fashion brand is very much driven toward the younger generation or fashionistas. If you are prone to buying casual-cool clothing, then you must opt for this "Lucky Brand” fashion brand.

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