Coupontodeal Privacy Policy

Coupontodeal takes all Privacy concerns of our users on a note by committing for protection and respect of their privacy once you agree to our Terms & Conditions. We run this policy under set measures using your personal data collected when you register with us. With your agreement to our set Terms & Conditions, we practice not to go unsanctioned.

We ensure being one point of responsibility of your data collected through the website and commit not to sell, share, and disclose your statements with third parties in an unauthorized manner.

A few of our services, which include social media plug-ins, can gather your information being a third party where your data can be utilized for their internal purposes. We advise you to be careful in providing the sensitive information to those third party links.

Which data Coupontodeal collects from its users?

Personal & Sensitive Data Storage

  1. To ensure your participation in the interactive features of the services provided by us.
  2. We collect your general information to identify you as an individual, including sensitive data, including your Name, Email Id, Contact Number, Billing Address, and other relevant information. Agreeing on our Terms & Conditions and Policies, you fill up such data with a keen trust on us.
  3. We add your correspondence in our records for future references.
  4. We can ask you to fill up few surveys, which can be optional.
  5. When our users log in through third party services such as Facebook or Google, their information described in the third-party service provider is also collected to fulfill the authorization request. This information includes your Name, Email Address, Gender, City, and State.

NOTE – Being an aware user, you must keep a constant check on your user account settings and privacy settings to be sure if the visibility of your data is as per your preference rather than default public settings.

Technical Data Storage

  1. To respect all legal acts, we are bound to record traffic data, including a track of your IP Address, Location, and connections.
  2. We record your system information, including Browser Type and Operating System, to report users’ aggregate information.
  3. Placement of cookies on your system through third parties is allowed for advertisers if you visit them.
  4. The cookies of advertisers and third parties tailor to collect your most web researches data.
  5. Our extension collects additional information about your divergent site visits through Coupontodeal and site activities, which we use to display more relevant deals.

How does Coupontodeal use my data for internal references?

The data stored with Coupontodeal is used for internal references as in:-

  1. To customize and personalize the content that you can see.
  2. To fulfill your particular service requests.
  3. To send you the latest feature updates.
  4. To share important notifications with you.
  5. To maintain and improve our services.
  6. To keep you on the go about the latest offers and on-moment sales.
  7. To communicate with you via mail or over the call.

How does Coupontodeal share my data with Third-Party links?

Your personal information is shared by Coupontodeal to Third Parties for below purposes:-

  1. Your information may be shared with our participating merchants or dealers to process your purchase.
  2. We can share your personal information with our agents, contractors, or service providers to better coordinate.
  3. Your information may be shared as a mode of defense for our legal rights in cases of any harm, frauds and damage to our reputation.
  4. We can share your information with third parties for their marketing purposes, which comes in option too.

How is it beneficial for me if a website stores my data?

  1. Your data, when stored with a website’s database, is hugely beneficial for you.
  2. Through the stored data, users are provided with focused and most visited advertisements, making ground of options for its users.
  3. The users’ data becomes useful for users when they navigate online.
  4. This data stored with us gets you adverts based on recently viewed products, deals, and offers while browsing.
  5. To ensure a practical presentation of content through the website.
  6. We use your data to notify you regarding New Deals, Offers, Hot Picks, and the latest updates.

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